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Property Renovations

This year we have been approached by a number of property developers / renovators to provide Installations covering all telecommunication needs on their home or business projects. With technology forever evolving at a rapid rate we are now becoming so dependant more than ever on the latest tech, broadband & tv services in our homes.


. Are you a Property developer ? Landlord ? New Build Contractor ?

Or simply just a home owner looking to renovate / improve your home?


. Then feel free to give us a call. We can provide a free survey / job quotation to install all your Telecommunication needs or to "Future proof" your home.


. We cover all aspects of Telecommunications from the first fix of your project including - Telephone Cabling & Sockets - Broadband Cabling & Sockets - WiFi Solutions covering all areas of the property - BT Service Cabling - SKY TV Cabling & Satellite Installations - Virgin Media Cabling - Tv Aerial Cabling - CCTV cabling / Installations and more..

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Home Office Installations

Due to the high number of people having to now work from home, we have seen a big increase on Home Network Installations. We understand how difficult it can be to set up office at home and how some of the current domestic Telephone & Broadband services are not adequate for your working needs. We can provide solutions which will help you to work from home more conveniently.


. Hardwired Broadband sockets with your computer.

. Extra WiFi Service for laptop & tablet connections.

. Telephone extensions

. Master Socket / Router relocations

. Line Testing / re wiring to get the most from your Broadband service  & more..


Call now if you require your network to meet the demands of your working from home needs.

              07824 387822 or 07486586577

Wifi Solutions

Ever get that one area or space in your home or business were no matter what you try you just can't get a good wifi connection from your main router ? This could be down to a number of things -


. The distance from your router

. Thick walls / Insulation

. Appliance interference

. Steel structures etc ...


We can solve this problem for you! We provide wifi solutions to get around these "Black Spots" so you can enjoy full wifi access on your device without the dreaded buffering display.


Call now for a free survey on our highly rated wifi access point installations.

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